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Grating type mesh machine ABE-8-2000

ABE-8-2000 expanded metal machine is heavy-duty expanded metal machine. This kind of metal mesh is mainly used for shipbuilding, mining, machinery, construction, transportation, oil, urban construction, hardware, protective and so on. The machine can also punch stainless steel, aluminum and other materials board network, its use will be more extensive. It adds automatic lubricating system and feeding system by numerical step motor on basis of original skilled technique. It gets good effect after being used. It has improved a lot on control and security. Its structure has characteristics of rationality, good appearance, environmental protection, energy saving.

  • Heavy type expanded metal mesh machine

  • Expanded metal mesh machine

  • Mesh out of the metal expander

  • Feeder

  • Electric control cabinet

Composition of metal expander:
The expanded metal mesh machine is composed of framework, driving system, crankshaft connection rod, knife rest, feeding system, swing unit and electric system.
Main technical parameters:
Model: ABE-8-2000;
Normal pressure: 260 Tons;
Thickness of material: ≤8mm;
Width of material: ≤2000mm;
Distance of feed: 0-7mm;
Stroke per min: 30-40 times / min;
Mesh size of LW: Max. 100mm;
Motor power: 55KW;
Rotation speed of motor: 1480r/min;
Weight: about 26 tons;
Overall dimension (L*W*H): 4400*3500*2700mm

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