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ABE-600 expanded metal mesh machine

This expanded metal mesh machine can process cold-rolled steel, aluminum material to expanded mesh with hexagonal, diamond, half round, etc. which are used for building, hardware, machine tool, electric industrial, protective and decoration of household electrical appliances. Material strength is under 450N/mm2, material with elongation over 25%. Expanded process is finished by crankshaft connecting rod system, moved by cam,feed by stepping motor, the feeding distance can be easily adjusted. This machine has characteristics of structure, easy operation and steady performance.

  • 600mm Expanded metal mesh machine

  • 600mm Metal expander

  • Expanded metal mesh making machine

  • Expanded metal mesh production line

  • Steel metal expanding machine

Main technical parameters:
Model: ABE-600;
Max. Coil width: 600mm;
Thickness of steel coil: Max. 1.0mm;
Expanding speed: Max. 260 strokes/minute;
Motor power: 2.2KW;
Expanding force: 6.3T;
Overall size of machine(L*W*H):1200*900*1700mm;
Machine weight: 2 tons
Controlled by PLC+touch screen; Length calculate+automatic cutting

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