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Brick reinforcement production line

Coil mesh machine, also called brickwork reinforcing mesh machine is used to produce the coil mesh which is used to reinforce the brick strength.

  • No waste brickwork reinforcing mesh machine

  • Brick coil mesh machine

  • Coil lath machine

  • Coil-mesh- making-machine

  • Coil mesh machine

  • Decoiler no waste brick work reinforcing mesh machine

Based on market demand, our company has designed and developed this professional production line of coil mesh independently. It features low noise, high yield, energy saving and environment protection. It can produce various type of coil mesh with width from 50mm to 200mm. With high efficiency, it can produce 2-4 line of mesh at a time. And also, its operation is easy.
This production line is mainly composed of three parts: feed unit, strip punching machine and receiving unit. It also includes two speed induction-adjustment devices.
Layout of brickwork reinforcing mesh production line:

Decoiler parameter:
Maximum inner diameter: 480mm, can be adjustable
Loading weight: 1000Kgs
Max. strip width: 150mm
Motor: 1.5kw
Machine weight: 500kg
Overall size: 1100*700*700mm
Expanded main machine parameter:
Machine size: 3000mm*1200mm*1900mm
Weight: 4T
Motor power: 4kw
Mesh opening: 15×25mm or accoring to customer's requirement
Mesh width: 200mm*2; 100mm*4; 150mm*2
Punching force: 16T
Material thickness: 0.2-0.7mm
Mesh recoiler parameter:
automatic mesh recoiler and steel trap recoiler
The finished products (Brickwork Reinforcing Mesh)
expanded metal coil mesh
brickwork reinforcing mesh
Brickwork freinforcing mesh
Application of brickwork reinforcing mesh

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