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High speed angle bead production line

Angle bead production line is used to produce the angle bead which is mainly used to protect the angle of the wall.

Layout of angle bead production line:

Seen on the picture, the “V” type angle bead production line consists of five parts: uncoiler, angle bead machine, electric control cabinet, roller profiling machine and collecting table.

  • Angle bead machinery

  • High speed expanded angle bead making machine

  • Angle beads making machine

  • Decoiler of angle bead production line

  • Angle bead mesh machine

Maximum inner diameter: 480mm, can be adjustable
Loading weight: 1000Kgs
Max. strip width: 150mm
Motor: 1.5kw
Expanding motor power: 7.5kw
Punching press: 25T
Roll profiling motor power: 4kw
Mesh opening size: 25*10mm, according to the draw
Flange size: 50*50mm, according to the draw
Strand width: 1.5mm
Material thickness: 0.3-0.7mm
Production speed: 18-20m/min
Layout size: 8600*1000*1750mm
Machine weight: 4980kg
Max. Length – 3,000mm

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