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Vinyl bead production line

vinyl bead production line

The vinyl bead production line includes: 1 set of decoiler----1 set of expanded main machine-----1set of profiling machine-----1 set of vinyl cover making machine----1 set of collecting table-----1 set of PLC controlling cabinet

1. Applicable material thickness: 0.2~0.55mm
2. Applicable material: galvanized Iron or CRS or HRS
3. Motor power of decoiler: 1.2KW
4. Motor power of expanded main machine: 3KW
5. Motor power of the profiling machine: 1.5KW
6. Electrical controlling system: PLC
7. Working speed:200 strokes/min
8. Operation space: 18000 mm×2500 mm×2300mm
9. Weight: 20000kg

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